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I recorded this audio book using a Blue Yeti USB microphone. I created a padded cell using couch cushions to make a sound-proof booth and recorded the whole thing in my garage over a number of weeks while my family slept. I took a long time because it was my first audio book and I had to redo a lot of chapters because I kept blasting out my P's and reading too fast.

I did read the book in a somewhat old-timey voice on purpose. I wanted the voice to sound very sure of itself, confident, and not at all aware of the joke. I think I pulled it off.

What I love about this audio book is the unique experience of having an artist describe images to you in audio. I do not describe every image in the book, only the ones pertinent to the information. Sometimes the description is even funnier than the image itself.

You can get it on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

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  • Ethan Nicolle

I had a great on the Metaxas show. Eric is hilarious and it was flattering to sit there and watch him read my book aloud.

During my little east coast tour my book was pulled down by amazon for no reason I could understand. Weeks later, customer service told me that the book would never be reinstated. Then, without explanation, they put the book back up. It’s on sale 25% off (As long as amazon keeps it up).

Here’s the full interview:

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I made this shirt design for the Babylon Bee. If you don't know these faces, you should: G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, George MacDonald, J.R.R. Tolkien.

I will admit, Lewis, Tolkien, and especially Chesterton are huge heroes of mine. I have read a small amount of MacDonald, but the concept needed four heads and he seemed to be the best fit when it came down to it. He is admittedly the least recognizable of the group. The shirt is educational.

Want the shirt? Get it here.

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