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My web comic, Bearmageddon, was first created as a screenplay for a movie that would cost 100 billion dollars to make. So I drew it. But, knowing I likely would not make much money off of the comic, I released it for free. A page a week when possible. I cut no corners on it, but take my time, releasing it when I can while I work on other things that pay the bills. 


In mid 2015 I finished what I would consider volume 1 of what I envision to be a trilogy of books.  That book is now for sale (see below). So, if you would like to really enjoy yourself, pour yourself a nice dark stout or porter, light up a stogie and kick back with your favorite web page viewing device and go start at page one and read the 66 page preview. If you enjoy it, there are many options to buy the rest of Volume 1 below. Volume 2 begins posting in May 2016.

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