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TIME WRECKERS in association with Make-A-Wish® Alaska and Washington

I was contacted by the Make-a-Wish Alaska Washington because of my work on Axe Cop to try to help a young man with a brain tumor turn the story he wrote into a graphic novel. I was apprehensive at first, but when I read Noah Ingram's Time Wreckers (though they warned me it "went all over the place") I loved the project and decided I wanted to be the guy to make it happen. All over the place is totally my cup of tea!

I knew I couldn't do it alone though, so I have been recruiting artists left and right to submit illustrations. We decided, since Time Wreckers really is a fairy tale, to set the book up like a story book. Big, beautiful full page illustrations. I'm bringing a lot of amazing talent together on this thing as I work with Noah to transform his epic document into a narrative story (which is no small task!)

One of the book illustrations by Tom Martin.

Because of Noah's tumor, using his hands for things like drawing, writing and typing is very difficult. But he uses his mind and his creativity with super-human powers reminiscent of Daredevil. Whatever the case may be, his project is an outpouring of imagination that is more creative and imaginative than most of the writing I see coming out of many writers I know who have perfect motor functionality. That's why we're making Time Wreckers happen.

If you have any interest in helping out with Time Wreckers, please contact me and let me know about yourself and please provide a link to samples of your work.

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