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Pro tip: You will pay less than half if you buy from SLG and more of the money will go to the good people behind the production of the book.

My first comic series was Chumble Spuzz, published by SLG Publishing. I will always be thankful to SLG for giving my stuff a chance before anyone else would. These comics are some of the most bizzare and insane things I have ever drawn.  It has not been read by many people, but those have read it have either loved it or been deeply disturbed. The series was nominated for an Eisner Award for "Best Humor Publication" in 2009 and one of the great Jhonen Vasquez wrote a serious essay of a glowing review. Both of those are some pretty serious recommendations, and since SLG sells these books for next to nothing (150ish pages for 3.95!!!) you should make yourself one of the few and proud who have sampled the crazy world of Chumble Spuzz by ordering volumes 1 and 2 for the cost of a cheap Starbucks date.


Still not convinced? Well, below is a strange video trailer I created with my friend Joel Wear to promote the first volume...

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