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Chesterton's Gateway was made for the person who has always loved Chesterton quotes, but has never been able to finish—or perhaps even start—a Chesterton book. This is because there really is no really good "first" Chesterton book. They are all hard the first time around. Chesterton was an essayist and it is through his essays he is best discovered. Ethan Nicolle has put together this assortment of essays, a list he often gives to people who ask him where to start with Chesterton. Included are footnotes and chapter introductions to help with context.


PAPERBACK COMING SOON (DO NOT BUY THAT $48 rip off that Amazon is offering. Watch for a 14.99 version)


“G.K. Chesterton was a master essayist. Why? Because he primarily wrote for the newspapers. He had to capture a reader and complete an idea in one sitting. But those thousands of throwaway essays still survive and sparkle as brightly as ever. Ethan Nicolle has provided a perfect sampling from the vast treasure.”

-Dale Ahlquist

President , Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton

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