I guess if you follow the books I’ve put out you’ve probably come to realize I’m kind of all over the place. From violent comics to kids stories and now this: a collection of GK Chesterton essays. Why? Well, allow me to explain.

Chesterton has been my favorite author since I started reading him around 15 years ago. I knew many people who quoted him but very few who had read him. His quotes are always amazing and there are thousands. Here are just a few:

“If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.”
“An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.”
“The world will never starve for want of wonders; but only for want of wonder.”
“The poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.”
“A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it.”

Since I began podcasting I’ve inevitably brought Chesterton up many times and as a result, many have sent me messages asking me what the best place to start is to get into reading GK. Many try reading Orthodoxy and get lost in it then give up. He’s tough to read especially with the many contemporary and classic references he makes from his own time, the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Many of his writings are over 100 years old now.

I found reading him hard too, but I was fascinated with his words and the things he said that made sense to me made sense in ways that had a lasting effect on my life and how I saw the world. Reading Chesterton pulled me out of a period of depression and a crisis of faith. He was also an illustrator and cartoonist and it was probably this fact that made him so personal for me. He was a man who didn’t think the way his peers thought. He had a massive sense of humor and a deep obsession with wonder and meaning. His faith bled into all facets of life. He was an original thinker and insanely prolific.

One day I talked some other artistic friends of mine who also held more conservative views and who held faith as important into reading him together so that we could discuss and try to unpack what he was saying. This group grew into the most meaningful collection of friends I have ever had and instigated some of the deepest discussions I’d ever been a part of. We met weekly for years and grew to be about 20-30 members. We devoured many of his books, some multiple times. Years after that group stopped meetings I started another group that has become just as rich.

So I have a lot of thoughts about how to get into Chesterton, and I have a lot of sympathy for someone trying to pick up a Chesterton book for the first time. I have learned that Chesterton’s greatest art form was the essay. He is best read one essay at a time. I have a list of essays I often recommend to interested new readers. After sending this list out numerous times I began to wonder if a book of his essays with the purpose of introducing him to new readers has ever been done. I couldn’t find one. So I decided to make it.

My goal was to make it simple. Not too long. I also wanted to footnote it extensively and write introductions to the essays. I didn’t want it to feel too scholarly or intellectual. I wanted this book to be the Chesterton primer for the casual reader. Also, many Chesterton books are written by Catholics for Catholics. I’m not Catholic.

After a lot of challenges from Amazon about the legality of reprinting the public domain writings of Chesterton, I’ve finally succeeded in releasing the book. There are plenty of better Chesterton essay collections out there and plenty of better books about the man. But this book has one mission and that is to introduce. To send the reader into their own Chestertonian deep-dive.

If you’ve ever been curious to read Chesterton then I hope you’ll give my book a try. If you love Chesterton and want to give someone a gift in hopes they’ll discover that same love, I like to think I’ve given you the perfect book for the job.

The book is titled Chesterto’s Gateway: 14 Essays To Get You Hooked On Chesterton. It’s now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format. An audiobook read by me will be released on Audible soon as well.

If you were hoping for more comics or kids books, I’m working on those as well. I just decided I had to get this one out there. I’m excited to think I could be the guy who compiled the book that started someone on their path down a full-blown Chesterton addiction.

Get the book now on Amazon

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Though this book has over 200 illustrations, I stand by the claim that it is best read out loud. My book Brave Ollie Possum is my favorite of my creations. This Audio book is read by me and I’m very proud of how it turned out. Get it here.

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Updated: May 22, 2020

I met this man and his family at a grocery store recently. They were having car troubles and he was out of a job. I got his PayPal info and sent some money but soon after their car completely broke down and they were in need of money for a car and a place to live. So I helped them set up a page so anyone can send them money. I then shared the link on social media and the response was amazing. By the next day they had over $2000 and they called me crying, amazed at the kindness of strangers.

last I checked in with them they were getting close to $4000 (Update, they are now over 5!). Below is a letter they sent and wanted to share with anyone who has helped them out. I would love to get them around 10-12k. Enough to pay the $3k to fix their car and get them a few months of food and rent so they can get settled and the dad can get into the groove of a new job. if you want to help this family out please send them money here:

Well it all started in 2013 we were both in high school two completely different worlds.  I had been jumping school to school, my family had money not alot, but well off. On the other hand I can't say the same for my wife Brianna whom grew up of poverty.  Constantly living in and out of motels and foster care.  Life was extremely hard for her and her 3 sibling and their mother whom was in a abusive drug infested relationship.  We met in high school but I was to much focused on other things etc everything other than school.  She wasn't having it so she told me "see you in the future". Ahha I wasn't paying attention of course so.  We lost contact I moved schools, time went by . But sure enough In 2017 we ran into each other and started talking, had dates everything went from there.  I was living with my mother in phelan California who was getting sick of dementia and was progressing faster then we knew.  My girl  moved in with us and 6 months later we decided to move on our own.   My mother moved in with a friend whom we didnt know was gonna take advantage of her.  I wasnt working at the time so we were all trying to live off of my mother little SSI income.  But a time came when we Couldnt so we got a title loan out on our vehicle we had at the time and when that ran out shortly we moved into our van. My wife & I just shortly after that we found out my girl was pregnant .  9 months sleeping in a van while I go to work you could only imagine what shes was going through while pregnant,homeless and sleeping in a van sometimes it was good because I could get that little check I had for work & full the tank up & she could lay there filling alright but not comfortable but she was always by my side through everything we've been through together  I finally got a job working for a temp agency in Fontana my wife could stay in the car all 10 even 12 hours while I was working, we would get a motel once, twice a week just to shower and so she could rest in a nice bed.  But once my daughter was born she couldnt no longer be in the car. She was forced to ask her family for help. Reluctantly they sheltered her with alot of ridicule and judgement. As the hours slowly faded at work I tried to keep up on the title loan and pay her family for her being there. I got laid off they repoed the van. I could no longer pay my wife's family for her being there they told her to get out but my daughter could stay, so she started staying with me in a tent in victorville CA. we where doing that for about 6 months when I finally got a job again in Fontana taking 5 hour bus rides just to get to work and paying people to get me back. I did that for 6 months when I finally was able to finance the vehicle I have now work was great for about a year my second daughter was born we thought this was our break to have a normal life then the beginning of this year I got laid off work, the car I bought was a complete disaster a lemon horrible i spent nearly ever check for months after getting the vehicle, fixing little things her and trying to pay the finance finance company every month Then here we our now I'm about to start work for ups warehouse and yet our transmission went out. Just praying for a break something a miracle cause I know God is able and capable. We just want a place to call home. Be able to get in a apartment maybe or something.

We wanna say thank you so much to all who have helped and continue to help. We havent been used to this kind of help-well, ever . I'm used to people being extremely rude. I would panhandle every day just to afford a motel room everyday. I would get ignored. I would get cussed out get called a bum. We have no way of explaining how grateful and shocked we are. I thought it was the end of everything I thought my car was gonna get repoed I thought we were gonna be right back to where we were homeless on the streets. So we just wanna say thank you so much again. God bless you. My family, we all thank you and love every one of you. We've been able to fix the car, now we’re looking at saving money for an apartment. We love you and thank you all. 

Here that link once again:

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