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My Old Band Just Released a Remastered Special Edition of Their Final Album

I don’t talk about my rocking days very often but I’m very proud of the music I got to produce with some of the closest friends I’ve ever had. I was in a band called Lunaractive. In the band I played bass and sang a large portion of lead vocals. I also wrote a lot of the songs and much of the lyrics. We were incredibly ambitious in our song writing. We went all out on epic anthems with lots of guitar parts, vocal harmonies and screams. I loved writing songs that told stories. We have songs about samurais, robots, and cover songs like Bonnie Tyle’s Holding Out For a Hero and the theme song from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The album is on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes and more. Back when we made this album we put years of work into it only to produce a final product that was ultimately badly mixed and hard to listen to. We finally made it right and it sounds amazing. Please check it out especially if you like epic melodic punk metal. Here is the link to the album on Spotify.

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