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I'm excited about this book, and if you know me, I don't use the word "excited" very often. I poured years and many rewrites and hundreds of drawings into this thing. It's a labor of love from cover to cover, the ultimate bed time story epic.

The book's release will be in October. It's kids' comedy-horror so Halloween is a great time to release it, and in time for Christmas. Stay tuned for ways to buy it directly from me with original art when the release date is closer.

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Bridget Phetasy is a person who is good at Twittering. I find her entertaining and I love her podcast because it is both about trying hard to make it in Hollywood and also about the poison of political correctness overtaking our culture and making us all hate each other.

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I'm a little late to post this here, but last week Axe Cop reached a new level in the lexicon of American pop culture when it was referenced in a Jeopardy question.

Here's the video:

And here's the screenshot of the question:

This was a teen episode of Jeopardy and none of them got it. The one guess was "Axe Murderer" which would be an interesting job. I'm kind of glad though, because I got to hear Alex Trebek say "Axe Cop."

Honored, thrilled, jazzed... this was so cool. Whoever writes questions at Jeopardy, thank you!


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