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I had a great on the Metaxas show. Eric is hilarious and it was flattering to sit there and watch him read my book aloud.

During my little east coast tour my book was pulled down by amazon for no reason I could understand. Weeks later, customer service told me that the book would never be reinstated. Then, without explanation, they put the book back up. It’s on sale 25% off (As long as amazon keeps it up).

Here’s the full interview:

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  • Writer's pictureEthan Nicolle

I made this shirt design for the Babylon Bee. If you don't know these faces, you should: G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, George MacDonald, J.R.R. Tolkien.

I will admit, Lewis, Tolkien, and especially Chesterton are huge heroes of mine. I have read a small amount of MacDonald, but the concept needed four heads and he seemed to be the best fit when it came down to it. He is admittedly the least recognizable of the group. The shirt is educational.

Want the shirt? Get it here.

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  • Writer's pictureEthan Nicolle

I’ve been podcasting a lot lately and what I enjoy the most about these recent conversations I don’t answer the same thirteen questions about Axe Cop. Not to say there aren’t some great ones where I do that. The cool things about my recent podcasts is they have all been very different experiences so each has a unique flavor and I think that, for the most part, they all went well.

First of all I should selfishly mention the podcast I started with Doug TenNapel and Mike Nelson. Doug and Mike are two of my favorite people and I was a fanboy before I became their friends. We have spent a lot of time sitting around smoking cigars talking about life, God, politics, ideas, manly things... and now it's a podcast.

Audio Mullet is a podcast for that rare breed in the entertainment industry who likes things like Bibles, cigars, and America. You can find it on most podcast platforms.

Some of my recent appearances to promote my new book Bears Want To Kill You...

The Conservatarians: I join Jon and Stephen for the first half of this show. We talk about bears, a bit of Axe Cop, and the Babylon Bee.

The Remnant With Jonah Goldberg: Jonah has been supporting my work in bear survival since I announced my Kickstarter just over a year ago. He promised to have me on his podcast when the book was ready. He made good, and I was able to stop into the studio live and talk bear science. We played it pretty straight for the first 20-30 minutes, then we break off and talk about the Babylon Bee, Christian humor, and Chesterton.

Your Welcome with Michael Malice: I originally heard Michael Malice on Joe Rogan's podcast. While we probably have many disagreements, he's funny, smart, and make sense more often than not. He invited me on his show and I managed to make it in person, in New York. I was pretty flustered from a ton of travel, bad traffic, and then suddenly being rushed into the podcast. I look sweaty and nervous because I am. I talked a million miles an hour, which is weird for me. However, it's a good episode. The episode goes a lot of random places which is the best kind. The link is a video but it's available in audio as well.

Man Up: This is a new show on KRLA in Los Angeles. Kyle Mann and I went to talk specificallly about the Babylon Bee. The first half of the show they talk news and Kyle and I don't get a lot of words in, but the second half they interview us and it's a good conversation on the strange world of Christian news satire.

I have a couple more upcoming podcasts/radio appearances. I recorded a show with Eric Metaxas while I was in New York, and have plans to join Bridget Phetasy soon.


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