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Slideshow: Axe Cop's Greatest Answers

On January 30th, Ask Axe Cop is coming back! My initial goal to reach Ask Axe Cop #100 came to fruition a couple years ago. Since then, Ask Axe Cop has been on a break, as has the rest of the comic. But there are still so many questions left to ask.

This gallery is for old fans and for the uninitiated. It's a "Greatest Hits" of the Ask Axe Cop comics. In them, fans send in questions and Axe Cop (by way of my little brother) answers them. Some of my favorite moments in the history of Axe Cop were born in these simple comic strips.

This is my personal list of favorites, but you may have your own. Read all 101 answers on Also, you can send in your own questions and you just might get yours answered. Send questions to


note: some of the images don't read well in the gallery but can be read easily on

If you have friends who have never read Ask Axe Cop, I made this gallery for them. Please share it! People deserve great answers, and these are exactly that. Remember, January 30th Ask Axe Cop returns and will post every Monday.


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