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Preorder BEARS and my new BEE gig

For those of you who missed out on backing BEARS WANT TO KILL YOU on Kickstarter, I now have a pre-order set up on my own store. I will be releasing the book on May 22nd if all goes as planned. This is my first time trying to sell something this way, completely on my own but in as legitimate a way as I can pull off.

One thing to note, there are less than 100 copies left of my limited edition hardcover and it is ONLY available on my own store, signed, numbered, and with faux leather slipcase. The softcover, digital edition, and audio book will be on Amazon in late May.

What else is new? I landed a new gig. I am not a full-on staff member at the Babylon Bee. I am upping my writing input as well as doing very large amount of art/photoshopping etc. It's a pretty ridiculous job to get paid for but it's a blast. It's my first steady paycheck in years so I am pretty excited.

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